Patient Participation Group

What is the Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

The PPG is formed of registered patients and in Somerset there are approximately 66 groups supporting practices.   They meet regularly and act as “critical friends” to their respective surgery, looking at how the surgery currently works, objectives set for the coming year and how they can help to achieve those objectives.   Some of the PPGs are virtual, this means that members are able to partake online without attending the surgery.   If you are interested in joining your local PPG  and getting involved in shaping NHS health services within Somerset, please speak to a member of staff.

The elected Wincanton PPG meet every six to eight weeks, however there is also a virtual option to reach all patients using the internet, for those who may not be able to attend all meetings, this gives regular updates on our discussions with minutes of our meetings and occasionally asking a few questions about patient requirements and thoughts that you can answer in your own time.


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Meet the Patient Participation Group

Our elected PPG representatives have a wealth of knowledge and wonderful connections to our practice area.

Chairman: Nigel Engert
Deputy Chairman:
Minute Secretary: